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Azov Cable Company was founded in 2000. The company mainly specializes in cable and wire development and manufacturing for applications with advanced fire safety requirements and highest requirements to operation conditions such as nuclear power stations, offshore objects, including offshore drilling ice-resistant platforms and offshore ice-resistant off-loading terminals, surface and under-water vessels, underground railway systems, iron and steel plants, machine-building industry, seaports, mines, aerospace industry, railway industry etc.

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Cables and wires of our company are operated in different climatic conditions from Far North to tropics.
ACC has rather wide sales geography which contains countries of Customs Union, Denmark, Germany, China, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Iran and so on. To facilitate From February 2017 AZOV Cable Company started its European representation with office based in Germany.
Territory of the company covers about 20 thousand m².
ACC employs 500 people.

and Tooling

Our production facility allows to produce about 11.000 km of cables and wires in a wide range of cross-sections, in rubber and plastic constructions and about 800 tons of insulating and sheathing rubber compounds per year. The company produces mud-, cold- and high-temperature resistant, flame retardant, fire-resistant, halogen-free rubber compounds.

Production facilities of the company

A unique technology of radiation cross-linking modifies thermoplastic polymeric materials for cable insulation and sheath which improves the cables’ properties, namely it increases conductor operating from 70°С to 85-90°С.

Production facilities of the company

Cables with cross-linked sheath are of advanced resistance to the heat aging, influence of oils, diesel fuels and drilling muds.
A reliable interference immunity of the cables is ensured due to the stranding of insulated conductors in groups and to the individual and collective screening.

Manufacturing Equipment
Key advantages of our cables
  • High admissible current load. (due to the cable insulation and sheath of modern cross-linked polymeric materials).

  • Operability under the condition of naked flame of temperature (800±50)°С within not less than 180 minutes

  • A reliable noninterference of the cables due to the stranding of insulated conductors in groups and to the individual and collective screening

  • High cable resistance to the influence of industrial oils diesel fuels and driling muds

  • Flame retardant at bunched laying

  • Low smoke emission

  • Halogen-free

  • Increased service life and operating time up to 40 years

  • High fire safety

  • Advanced mechanical strength

  • Operability under the temperature up to minus 60°С

R&D Institute
of Cable Industry

Azov Cable Company in close co-operation with R&D Institute of cable industry «UkrNIIKP» develops new types of cables and wires. A large-scale job was carried out in the field of development and serial production of cables and wires under the national standards: aviation on-board wires of the new generation, keeping working efficiency under the conditions of fire within not less than 180 minutes, mounting(installation) wires, on-board wires in fluoroplastic insulation an protective covering of fiber-glass filament for the aviation equipment, metal braids for the protection from mechanical damages, strengthening, noise-proof wires in PVC insulation and sheath, screened etc.

R&D Institute of Cable Industry (UkrNIIKP)

State-of-the-art materials of the leading European producers are used in cable production.
ACC’s quality management system is certified in line with ISO 9001:2015 which enable quality control since the raw materials incoming to the warehouses of the company, during production stages and up to customers’ feedback. ACC has successfully implemented an environmental management system (EMS) which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015.
ACC’s products are certified by international classification societies including DNV GL, ABS and RMRS.

Manufacturing Equipment
Truck gates

to co-operation!

We would like to invite for the co-operation in different projects for cable supplying in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair, electrical power engineering and other branches of industry.
Our specialists will be always happy to help you and provide with all necessary information regarding order placement for cables and wires (tailor-made products as well) and any other aspect of cable production.


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